"I believe the support I’ve received through the Reiki and heart clearing sessions as well as the Lightarian Ray Attunements with Anne-Marie have been integral to the very powerful and positive changes in my life these last few years. I could not have imagined such a delightful boost to my happiness, my health, and my effectiveness in all aspects of my everyday life" - Joanie N.

"Anne Marie has such a delightful, whole hearted energy, and her Angel Reading was highly accurate to my life and also gave me some guidance as to the next steps to take at the crossroads, which was just what I needed at the time to follow through the next phases of my journey. Many blessings and gratitude" - Nadine C.

"Phoenix Reiki classes are life changing and transformative. Always bringing me closer to Spirit, my higher self and a loving community of supportive and like-minded people. For me, expanding my faith  and learning are key. Each class organically flows with knowledge, sharing, practical exercises and laughter. Anne-Marie's easy-going teaching style is accepting of everyone, mentoring us to respond the same way." - Debbie F.

"Anne-Marie is a beautiful soul who is most gifted with wisdom, knowledge and experience in teaching and healing. I have always received a blessing from my relationship with her, be it through learning new modalities or receiving healing." - Dawn E.

"I have had the pleasure of taking several of Anne-Marie’s workshops and classes. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and is generous in support of her students. She always takes time to make sure her students have a complete understanding of the subject. Anne-Marie was my teacher for my Reiki Master Practitioner and I felt like I had a strong grasp of all the concepts and practices when I was finished her classes, and have had the opportunity to practice with her and others at monthly reiki shares. I look forward to getting my Master Teacher with her as well as to taking the many other classes she offers." - Erin D.

"I have had the pleasure of taken classes through Ann-Marie, as well as going forward with a heart clearing session. Not only is she very knowledgeable of the information she teaches, but she is open to any and all questions you may have for her. She creates an open, sacred space that allows one to learn in an effective and peaceful manor. The heart clearing was a very enlightening experience. It placed a lot of my present struggles into a clear perspective, and directed me on a new path to assist in resolving present and past traumas. She is very intuitive and carries such a genuine, loving passion towards helping others. I reference her to anyone seeking direction to healing." - Sara J.

"In reference to a Past Life Regression I did with Anne-Marie; I've always had a connection with the numbers 1819 and 1918. I know they are very significant for me personally. There are things in my present life I can't explain. It seems I'm familiar with things I shouldn't know, places I connect with yet have never been and events that have happened before I was born. Since the Past Life Regression I have a much better understanding of why I am the type of person I am today. I'm fine with that. I've experienced a greater acceptance of just being- me! I have become conscious. I have become more enlightened. Almost every day I experience another sign of my past. It's actually pretty exciting. So - I'm just going with the flow. Thank you Anne-Marie. You opened another door for me!" - Christine G.

"I had the Seraph Rose Aura attunement and past life regression with Anne-Marie, both of which benefited me immensely and I have since enjoyed the effects on my life and personal growth. Anne-Marie focuses on what you need... she walks you through the steps of the process and answers any questions beforehand, as well as making herself available after the session for any further clarifications and assistance. In terms of spiritual guidance, Anne-Marie organizes numerous workshops on various topics (some of which I participated in), during which she provides hands-on work with crystals and other means of re-connecting with the spiritual. I will definitely continue using Anne-Marie`s services and recommending her to my friends or whoever is in need." - Marina T. 

"I received a profound heart chakra clearing from Anne-Marie, where she aided in the releasing of old patterns and energies. I felt significantly lighter, clearer and centered after the session." - Robert F.

"Needed to reiterate what I said to you when our journey together was a couple of years old. It is now several years later and my original feelings regarding the methods you utilize to teach, the detailed information, the fun and the other students I have met who were also drawn to you, like myself. The overall experience is simply unforgettable. I now am a CRMP(certified Reiki Master Practitioner) in Usui Reiki and Sekhem/Seichim Reiki; most of all I feel your energy cheering me on and guiding me even when you are not in the same soom. Your teachings and methods are so unique even when I am helping a client, I feel your energy in my thoughts. Thank you for your reaching methods, your shared energy and your extensive knowledge. Peace and White Light" - Janet R.

"I was introduced to Anne-Marie about 8 months ago and wow! I have worked with / been treated by a handful of talented practitioners and I have to say that Anne-Marie seems to be the most effective for me. She is the real deal. I plan to see her again soon." - Loren D.

"Anne-Marie and I have been on our individual journeys together for eight + years, and I couldn't wish for a better guide/companion to have. She and her class offerings have opened up the whole spiritual universe for me and I'm so grateful for the time that I've had with her." - Frank C.

"I have been blessed to have Anne Marie as my Reiki Practitioner for many years. She truly knows her practice and it is evident that she puts in many hours of continuing study. I also admire the love she shows to others and towards her work." - Dave S.

"When I first spoke with Anne-Marie I was at a place in my life I would never want to be again. I was a strong Empath who didn't know anything about the gifts I had. Three and half months later I am well into the journey of discovering the person I truly am. I have taken Reiki 1 and 2 and a series of workshops and conference calls as well as private sessions, my favorite being the soul retrieval. They all in so many different ways have added and expanded the beautiful joyous light of being which is me... Anne-Marie has been a wonderful teacher and guide and she will always be in my heart and always be my friend. I like to call her my spiritual therapist, her support and love in this work is amazing. Whenever I think of her she reminds me of the happiest kind of sunshine. She is a true gift from God and will continue to share her knowledge and love throughout the world. Thank you Anne-Marie for being you, with all my love" - Jenn W.

"Anne-Marie is a blessing. She has been helping me after the death of my father and some of the issues that came from that. She has also helped me on numerous occasions with life coaching. Her readings are always dead on the money. I ALWAYS find myself thinking "how does she know that or how did she do that?" - Mike S.

"I have taken several classes and workshops with Anne-Marie. She creates a safe environment to learn and share. She is very knowledeable about a wide variety of metaphysical subjects. She has a very special and amazing connection with angels. She has a knack for blending the new people on this path with long-time seekers.She believes in her ability as well as yours She is extroadinarly gifted in readings and is firm yet gentle in the delivery of messages. Think twice before dismissing something she says and you think is not true. Her love of this work is clear. She is an expression of joy." - Nancy S.

"Even though I am a Reiki healer, I still need regular chakra clearing, releasing, and other energy work on my body. Anne- Marie is the only natural healer/therapist I would have work on my body. She has a calming presence and is able to tell me exactly where my issues are and she "knows" how I am feeling - more importantly, after a session, I feel unbelievable!! I always leave feeling grounded, secure, light, and full of joy and love. Also, I always leave her sessions with an angel - I feel the energy and can sense their presence. Anne-Marie has special gifts which she bestows on others - not to mention, she has integrity and is honest." - Donna G.

"My journey with Anne-Marie has been truly life-changing. I have seen her for Reiki for several years now, and am always amazed at her intuition and passion for healing. It has helped me to look at healing in a more profound way; for myself as well as in my own Reiki practice. I have also participated in many of Anne-Marie's workshops and classes. She is a gifted and informative teacher, and I like that she has fun while she teaches. It is so wonderful to be able to connect with others in the healing field through Anne-Marie. I highly recommend her as both a practitioner and teacher. It has been a true joy to work with her. Thanks, Anne-Marie! :)" - Julie D.

"Anne-Marie has the utmost level of integrity. I've taken classes from her and received energy work, I highly recommend her for both." - Heather G.

"I received a recommendation to have a reading with Anne-Marie back in July 2014, and it was one of my most fortunate gifts that I could have received for my life. Her reading was so precise, intuitive, warm, helpful, and full of guidance. I have had many more readings with her since then, and I have encouraged many friends to have readings with her as well, whether it be face-to-face or phone readings. Anne-Marie is the type of person that gives way more than she receives, she is so genuine about her impact on your journey, and her warmth and concern is amazingly comforting. Do a reading with her! Or reiki, you won't regret it!" - Danielle H.

"As a Reiki Practioner it is important for me to receive regular reiki healing for myself, Anne-Marie is my go to person for healing. I have been in several of her classes as well ,she makes healing and learning fun! She creates a safe environment for all levels of healing and learning. What a blessing she is and I am so grateful for her in my life." 
- Cherie F.

"My sister has been working with Anne-Marie for close to 2 years and the change I've witnessed in her has been remarkable. My sister recently gifted me with a package of sessions with Anne-Marie. I admit that I have a very skeptical part of me that doesn't believe any of this but I've seen the changes in my sister and now I, too, am experiencing significant changes from my work with Anne-Marie. One issue we have been working on is regarding my shame. I have a lot of it, especially in regards to money. Anne-Marie has helped me released some of the shame, and just this week, a situation arose that would have caused me much shame and fear, shaking even. I felt none. Not even an ounce. That's just one practical example of how Anne-Marie has helped me. I look forward to continuing our work together." - Carla R.

"I am finally on the path in which I belong. For that I am happy and grateful, but most importantly I have Anne-Marie as my mentor and teacher. Anne-Marie is so full of life, and is so gifted. Her energy is like no other, and I feel honored to have her guiding me, and showing me what I am capable of. There is so much I have learned, and so much more I will learn from her. I absolutely, from the bottom of my heart, love you Anne-Marie. Thank you for sharing you gifts!" - Tiffany G.

"The Advanced Psychic Development class lead by Anne-Marie was a wonderful experience. It was great to take a journey discovering myself, my work, and my life path with like minded, good hearted people! I would recommend this class for anyone wondering how to use their gifts and figure out their next steps" - Michelle T.

"Before I met Anne-Marie in person, I got to know her from bi-weekly lightworkers' conference calls which she moderated. She has an infectious laugh and a caring spirit. I have had several readings, Reiki sessions, and taken many of her classes. She has helped me tremendously to work through some difficult times in my life, and to learn and grow from these experiences. I look forward to continuing my spiritual learning path with her guidance." 
- Chris S.

"Anne-Marie is a joy and you can not help but feel genuinely relaxed, welcome and part of something greater when walking through the doors every time. So glad I happened upon your establishment just over a year ago... I has truly been a life changer." - Kathryn P.

"Anne Marie is wonderful! She is extremely knowledgable about her craft... a true master & teacher. Her courses are well planned and full of applicable information and her style is so relaxed, easy going and fun!" - Tracey M. 

"Love Anne Marie and the community at Phoenix Reiki. Anne Marie is a great teacher. Love the classes and services offered." - Debe H.

"Anne-Marie is blessed with So Many gifts! We are so fortunate that she wants to share them. The workshop information is thoroughly researched, interesting, and extremely useful for spiritual development! Thank You Anne-Marie for All You Do!" - Lisa S.

"Anne-Marie is very knowledgeable in this wellness field. I have learned so much from taking her classes and being part of her wellness community. The people there are so kind and AMAZING!!!! She has the patience and invests her interest in teaching others about healing and many others. If you are looking for a natural approach to healing process, definitely do check out Phoenix Reiki and Wellness!" - Meredith A.

"Anne-Marie has been an invaluable mentor to me and has also taught my daughter Reiki which has helped her immensely.  Phoenix Reiki and Wellness is a true gem!" - Brandy Y.

"I have taken many classes and had private sessions with Anne-Marie. She is a truly lovely soul who helps one reach inside to grab one's own gifts. Her classes are well organized and she provides professionally compiled information for her students, blending the "woo woo" with a keen sense of organization and teaching skills. Of all I have done at Phoenix Reiki and Wellness, the Sekhem Seichim Reiki class was the most phenomenal and very powerful for each of us who attended that weekend. Anne-Marie is wonderful with children and has a soft way to reach them and make them feel comfortable. I think she is a healer's healer as many who cross her path are here to go on to heal with their gifts, and many of us did not know that about ourselves. Beyond that her ability to tap into the energy of Reiki and heal is amazing, powerful yet gentle. If you are here reading these comments trust you are here for a reason and jump in - and do learn the Violet Flame!" - Cathryn L.

"I spray the Archangel Haniel Joy Aromatherapy Spray all over when I get out of the shower to help me wake up & start my day off on a positive note. LOVE the smell!! In the afternoon, I spray again. Awesome product!" - Renee W.

"I had a tough time deciding which of the Aromatherapy Sprays to buy because they all smell so good! I selected the Room Harmonizing Spray and I’m very glad I did. I do a lot of computer work, and am constantly on social media for both work and personal. If you know social media, you can often encounter some not-so-nice situations. I love to spray Room Harmonizing spray when I finish my work, especially spraying around my computer and phone too. It gives me a great feeling of peace, that I have removed any negativity that has lingered from any of these encounters. I also love to spray my bedroom before I go to sleep. The smell is delightful and once again, reassuring that negative energy has been removed. My dog loves it too!" - Chris S.

"Archangel Michael Grounding and Protection is my go to spray. I keep it in my car. Makes me feel safe and I ALWAYS need grounding!" - Peggy H.

"Meeting Anne-Marie several years ago changed my life. I consider her to be my mentor, my confidant, and most importantly my friend. The wide range of classes and certifications that I have taken have allowed me to finally get to know the real me and uncover the gifts that were buried deep inside for most of my life. The Spiritual Mentorship Program that I recently completed really brought everything into focus and gave me the confidence in myself to make a much needed career change. I'm excited that Anne-Marie is adding a second level to the program so that the six of us can continue learning and growing together." - Deb C.

"The soap is such a treat to your hands! Can't wait to use the goat milk with oatmeal and lavender in the shower. One more thing, like that it doesn't melt like most homemade soaps. Definitely worth trying if you haven't already!!!!" - Peggy H.

"From the first time I went to see Anne Marie, I knew I was in good hands. Being an empathic young adult who is extra "sensitive", I often felt lost and out of place growing up in the world. Anne Marie not only introduced Reiki into my life, but she has helped me develop and become confident with my gifts. I've even been able to combat my anxiety with what she has taught me. I would not have believed it was possible one year ago. Taking her Reiki I and II classes changed my life... I don't want to know where I would be right now without her." - Tommy F.

"When I decided to take a reiki class Anne-Marie's studio was the clear choice for me. When I took her class she created and positive and supportive learning environment for everyone in the class. She has a wonderful glow about her that you can just see from stepping in the room with her and is a true Master at what she does. I can't recommend her enough to other people and look forward to taking more classes with her in the future." -  Brandon H