Payment in due at the time of the service or class. Payment plans may be offered in some cases, these are agreed upon ahead of time by both parties. If you need to reschedule a session please provide 24 hours notice, there will be a 30% fee charged for sessions cancelled less than 24 hours ahead of time.

Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. The instructor retains the right to determine if a student has completed the prerequisites for advanced classes in the manner required. If the student has completed prerequisite classes with a different instructor a certificate of completion may be requested and the instructor retains the right to discuss previous instruction with the student to determine if the student has the necessary training and knowledge for the advanced class.

A student who has previously taken a Phoenix Reiki and Wellness class may attend that class again as a refresher if desired for a 50% discount if there is room in the class. 

A deposit is required upon registration. Deposits are non-refundable but may be used towards any of the classes or services offered by Phoenix Reiki including individual Reiki sessions. Students who are participating in ongoing programs and opt for the monthly payment plan are expected to make each monthly payment even if they miss a class. Students who miss a class during a program will be offered a means of making up the missed material.

Phoenix Reiki and Wellness will not sell your personal contact information and will not share your personal contact information without your consent. A contact sheet may be circulated during class, or a social networking site may be provided for students to connect with each other. It is your choice if you wish to participate in these - sharing your contact information is not mandatory.

Referral Thank You Discount for Reiki sessions and classes with Anne-Marie Revello, CRMT  Receive a 15% discount on your next session for each person you refer who has a session or takes a class.

Only one discount may be applied to a session or class at a time.

Code of Conduct:
It is important to maintain an atmosphere supporting open communication and trust in Reiki or metaphysical classes and Reiki shares; an atmosphere where everyone feels respected and safe to share their thoughts. To facilitate this "safe space" please follow the Code of Conduct below while participating in these events:

* Please be on time.

* Even though we have two ears, we can only hear one voice at a time. Please be courteous to those who are speaking.

* Please turn off the ringer on your cell phone before the class or Reiki share begins.

* We welcome all questions, however if you have a question about, say, the price of tea in China, please wait until the class is over.

* In here, we are all protons - positively charged. And that is also how we present comments and encouragement to other participants. 

* Spiritually, we are about as far from Las Vegas as one could be, however we share their tag line: What happens here, stays here. Discussion about anyone else's experiences outside of this safe space is just not cool. 

* While the urge to help and advise is a natural one, please refrain unless asked.

* Positive vibes are like a plate of warm, chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loves them and no one will turn them away. Please only give out "warm, chocolate chip cookies.

* If you are a student here, you have the privilege of participating in our Reiki shares, they are not, however open to the public at this time. 

* Profanity and derogatory comments about any specific religion or political view are not OK.

* We love and encourage sharing, but please be mindful of time constraints. 

* Anne-Marie worked very hard on writing our manuals. If you would like use any quotes or information in them, please give credit where credit is due. 

* Finally, no soliciting of any kind is permitted on the premises.  

Thank you!


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Sacred Centers. For information about chakras - http://sacredcenters.com/