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Phoenix Reiki and Wellness Policies
Payment in due at the time of the service or class. Payment plans may be offered in some cases, these are agreed upon ahead of time by both parties. 

Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. The instructor retains the right to determine if a student has completed the prerequisites for advanced classes in the manner required. If the student has completed prerequisite classes with a different instructor a certificate of completion may be requested and the instructor retains the right to discuss previous instruction with the student to determine if the student has the necessary training and knowledge for the advanced class.

A student who has previously taken a Phoenix Reiki and Wellness class may attend that class again as a "refresher" if desired. Students will be offered a 50% discount for "refresher" courses. In this case the student will be on "stand by" and will be admitted to the class if there is space after all full paying students have registered. If a student would like to attend a class they attended with a different instructor the regular fee will apply. 

A deposit is required upon registration. Deposits are non-refundable but may be used towards any of the classes or services offered by Phoenix Reiki including individual Reiki sessions. Students who are participating in ongoing programs and opt for the monthly payment plan are expected to make each monthly payment even if they miss a class. Students who miss a class during a program will be offered a means of making up the missed material.

Phoenix Reiki and Wellness will not sell your personal contact information and will not share your personal contact information without your consent. A contact sheet may be circulated during class, or a social networking site may be provided for students to connect with each other. It is your choice if you wish to participate in these - sharing your contact information is not mandatory.

Referall Thank You Discount for Reiki sessions and classes with Anne-Marie Revello, CRMT

* Receive a 15% on your next session for each person you refer who has a session or takes a class with Anne-Marie

Code of Conduct:

It is important to maintain an atmosphere supporting open communication and trust in Reiki or metaphysical classes and Reiki shares; an atmosphere where everyone feels respected and safe to share their thoughts. To facilitate this "safe space" please follow the Code of Conduct below while participating in these events:

* Please be on time.

* One person speaks at a time; please do not have side conversations, interrupt the person speaking, or speak over the instructor.

* Please turn off the ringer on your cell phone before the class or Reiki share begins.

* If you have questions unrelated to the topic please reserve them for after the class is over.

* Everyone is at different points on their healing journey, supporting and encouraging others is helpful - judging them is not. We are all equals.

* Let there be no gossip, there is no room for that type of low vibrating energy in a healing gathering. What is shared in a class or Reiki share stays there and is not to be gossiped about with others. In this way we can all feel free to share in a safe environment. 

* Please don't offer advice to fellow students unless it is requested, and if it is keep the advice positive and avoid criticism.

* The classes and shares are environments to support everyone's healing journey, please be cognizant of the energy you are bringing to the group and join us in the spirit of love, light and healing. Out of respect for others who are attending remember this is not an appropriate place for excessive amounts of negativity or anger. If you are having a particularly difficult issue please schedule time one on one with the instructor to address it.

* The Reiki shares are offered for Phoenix Reiki students only. Due to space constraints they are not open to the public.

* Profanity and derogatory comments about any specific religion or political view will not be tolerated. 

* Please limit your sharing on each topic to allow time for everyone to speak. Once everyone has had a turn and there is time left at the end feel free to share more.

* Many of the Phoenix Reiki and Wellness manuals were written by Anne-Marie (and well footnoted!). Please do not plagiarize by copying materials, if you wish to quote something from a manual please attribute the quote properly. If you plan on teaching what you learn please respect boundaries and write your own material and class descriptions rather than copying information directly from this website. It's important to share your own unique version of information rather than just copying the work of another and plagiarism is illegal.

* Lastly please respect boundaries and do not use Phoenix Reiki classes and workshops as a forum to market your products or services.

Thank you!


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