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To order any of the items on this page email We have a wide variety of crystals and essential oils available and we ship! If you don't see what you're looking for here email us.

Crystal of the Month Club

A new crystal will be mailed to you each month along with written information about the crystal, suggestions for how to work with it and a sprig of white sage to clear it after use. When you sign up you will also receive an emailed mini reading with suggestions for crystals that may benefit you personally. $30 for 3 months, $55 for 6 months. This would make a unique gift for others or a lovely treat for yourself!

Aromatherapy gift set. An angelite and opalite aromatherapy bracelet by Balancing Act Essentials and a bottle of Palmarosa essential oil. Angelite is a form of Anhydrite that has a particularly soothing, soft energy and is used to help us connect to the angelic realm. Opalite is a man made crystal used for serenity, it combines perfectly with Angelite! The black beads on the bracelet are lava beads, put a couple drops of your essential oil on the lava beads and they will maintain the scent for about 24 hours. Palmarosa essential oil is used to support overall wellness and balance. This gift set is $28
Aromatherapy gift set. An amethyst and clear quartz aromatherapy bracelet by Balancing Act Essentials and a bottle of Bergamot essential oil. Amethyst properties are described above, clear quartz helps to balance the energy centers in the body (the chakras) and also supports the crown chakra. The black beads on the bracelet are lava beads, put a couple drops of your essential oil on the lava beads and they will maintain the scent for about 24 hours. Bergamot essential oil has an uplifting characteristic and is used to help relieve stress. This gift set is $31
Chrysophase. This heart chakra crystal is a form on chalcedony and is used to support personal development, love, abundance and joy. As with most heart chakra crystals it can also support forgiveness of self and others as well as bringing an uplifting, happy energy. $20
We have a nice selection of carnelian at Phoenix Reiki and Wellness, I like to describe carnelian as the "smiley face" of crystals :) It has a happy peppy energy, supports creativity and also focus. This is an excellent crystal to sit on a desk or other place of work. Carnelian is a form of chalcedony (quartz) and is very affordable. If you're interested in a particular piece email and we will send you a price, most of the pieces shown here are between $18 and $25.
A stunning Golden Healer quartz cluster. Golden Healers have a lively, uplifting energy that supports healing as the name indicates. The yellow color comes from iron oxide, these crystals are also used to support balance and spiritual communication. The cluster pictured is $75, we also have some smaller clusters available.
Two large Rainbow Fluorite slices and some smaller worry stones. Fluorite (also called fluorspar) is a halide mineral composed of calcium fluoride, and comes in many colors including purple, yellow, blue, pink and green with a fluorescent tint. The energy of fluorite is used for psychic protection and to enhance intuition (particularly the purple and rainbow variety). It is also calming and helps to release negativity and emotional blockages. This crystal promotes psychic connection and is wonderful to use in meditation. The largest piece is $45, the one next to it is $25, the worry stones are $10 each.
Beautiful Blue Fluorite cluster from Spain. Blue Fluorite has a calming energy and resonates with the throat chakra (communication), the the Third Eye chakra (intuition). This crystal also supports spiritual awareness, rational ordered thought processes and memory. It is very powerful when used to support intuition in particular. $75
We offer a wide variety of gift baskets and boxes, we can also customize one for any price range. This is our clearing and grounding gift box. It contains a white sage smudge stick grown by a Shaman friend, Palo Santo, a lovely black quartz sparkly geode, a tumbled smoky quartz, a tumbled snowflake obsidian, a bottle of Bulgarian Lavender essential oil, and an organic dark chocolate bar with cayenne - all in a lovely re-usable flower print box that has a magnetic snap lid. $47.  
Our Angel Gift Box, it contains a deck of angel oracle cards, angel fragrance oil for your diffuser and a lovely blue lace agate geode It is packaged in a pretty box that has a magnetic snap lid and can be used for a variety of things. $38
Our Bath Gift Box contains a long handled bristle brush with massage nubs (perfect for washing backs), scented Dead Sea bath salts, handmade lemongrass soap, a lavender lemongrass bath bomb, peppermint lip balm and a hand held brush perfect for dry brushing. Like the others it comes packaged in a pretty and sturdy box that has a magnetic snap lid, $39
All natural soaps in a variety of scents, $5.75 each
An unusual and exquisitely clear Smoky Quartz! Look carefully, the dime is underneath the crystal to highlight the clarity. Smoky Quartz is used for grounding, to support protection and also to connect with earth energy. $50
An assortment of aura crystals. Aura crystals are created when metals such as gold or platinum are fused with clear quartz creating a new crystals with it's own specific energies. The blue clusters at the top are Aqua Aura, gold on clear quartz. This crystal has a calming energy and supports clear communication, peacefulness and connection to the higher realms. The orange points are Tangerine Aura, gold and iron on clear quartz. These have an uplifting energy that supports creativity and spiritual exploration. The white cluster is Opal Aura, platinum on clear quartz. This crystal has a joyful energy that helps with balance, clarity and access to the higher realms. 

The smaller Aqua Aura is $42, the larger one is $68. The smaller Tangerine Aura is $30, the larger one is $36. The Opal Aura is $26.